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Scalp plaits/cornrow

The different cornrow styles can be seen in forms such as straight lines, zigzag designs and geometric patterns. These cornrow styles could be decorated with shells, beads, etc. Cornrows are a very practical hairstyle and easy to maintain, and once the hair has been braided, it can be left as it is for weeks or even for months providing the correct haircare products are used to maintain your style. Cornrows can be worn by both men and women. Ask in store for a free consultation and advice to see if this is the most suitable method for your hairtype.


Cornrow is a type of traditional hairstyle, in which hair braiding is done near/very close to the scalp. Cornrows are also known as track braids. Cornrows stay flat on the scalp and the hair could be stylized into various patterns. Creative Hair also offers a Cornrow extensions service where hair extensions are attached to natural hair and braided closely to the scalp, this method can be used to add length and extra volume to your hair.

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