Professional & Custom Wig Fitting

Clients that wear wigs due to Alopecia, chemotherapy treatment, or any other medical condition that causes hair loss and is confirmed by a GP, are classed as necessity wearers. We Provide Necessity Wearers & OAPs with 10% Discount. Please get in touch & see how we can help.

Look Better Feel Younger Creative Wig are specialist Wig suppliers in Middlesbrough and Durham City catering for both men and women of all ages. Jacqueline Baker, manger of Creative Wig, says that many of her customers are undergoing chemotherapy and have lost their hair. Situated on Hartington Road, Middlesbrough and Saddlers Yard in Durham City, Creative Wig is a place where clients can let their hair down, literally, and not be embarrassed.

Although Creative Wig has no medical affiliation whatsoever, it is often a source of healing for customers just the same. The salon offers support and encouragement  along with wigs and hairpieces, information and wig-care products.The salon sees a large number of customers who have lost all of some of their hair to alopecia, trichotillomania or heredity. With customers ranging from young children to seniors in their 80”s, and mostly female, the Creative Hair has a wide choice of wigs and staff are sensitive to their clients needs. SPECIAL Need your wig for Medical Reasons? If so, print Vat Form and bring it to the shop to get your wig 20.0% Off (VAT)

Private Fitting Room A private fitting room is available on request for clients who wish to have their privacy when trying on wigs.

Free Consultations Unlike many other Wig Suppliers, Creative Wig offer free consultations to make sure that you get the wig that suits your requirements.

We can come to your home if it helps.

Creative Wig is Middlesbrough and Durham”s specialist Wig Supplier so why not pay them a visit and come out looking better and feeling younger!

Call Jacqueline for a FREE initial consultation! :07834094422

Wigs at Home, a discrete, stylish sensitive option for All who prefer customized service and cutting edge style in the comfort and privacy of their home.

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