Wigs fitted at home

Wigs at Home, a discrete, stylish sensitive option for All who prefer customized service and cutting edge style in the comfort and privacy of their home.

Creative Hair Wigs sends its qualified stylist to the client”s home to measure, educate, fit and discuss wigs for that person during a complex time in their life.
By eliminating the need for wig shopping in public, Creative Hair combines state of the art stylistic skills together with compassion for the special requests and needs of the client.
Creative Hair strives to guarantee the best quality as well as an uplifting look so that patients may continue to put their best foot forward throughout treatment and recuperation.

With extensive years of experience in the beauty industry, Creative Hair Wigs founders Jacqueline Baker has create a unique concept to fill an unmet need.

Based on their conversations with clients, ”initially patients feel tentative and uncertain about selecting a wig however, we are finding that this service transforms what to many older,shy and chemotherapy patients is a disheartening experience into one that is uplifting and inspires self-assurance and self-esteem. It is heartwarming and personally gratifying to have the opportunity to bring this service to the public.”

A portion of the profits from Creative Hair is donated to the UK Cancer Society.

Personal experiences of the staff members of Creative Hair Wigs relating to these circumstances allows the stylist to treat the clients with the utmost compassion, respect and the consideration they deserve.

The Creative Hair Wigs successful concept allows people to maintain their dignity while undergoing chemotherapy treatments in the simplest way possible, by making them look better. This company not only puts hair on their heads but smiles on their face.

( There is a £15 cost )